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 Prayers, signs and wonders

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PostSubject: Prayers, signs and wonders   Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:42 pm

I have that sister's sister praying all the time in her waking moments.
It's revealed to her that there's going to be a big flood in Toronto.
Whether it's going to happen is not the point.

We have brothers and sisters we have never met spending nights and days praying. They might not have as much knowledge of God nor of anything else. who knows, but who knows if it's not because of their prayers that have been keeping this city relatively safe so far.
All along I thought my 2 cents worth of prayers were listened, or so thought those singing hallelujah at the church. Or our undivided attention to details in His Word, right. We might be in for a big surprise.

Looking for signs not knowing signs are already here and everywhere if we care to heed. The bible says God sends abundant rain to refresh the earth. What we had in the last two years in this city was flooding. No, these are not signs. Signs have to be enormous and supernatural...and we consider flooding natural and probably this unusual cold weather we are having too, so do the atheists.

Let's wait and see.
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Prayers, signs and wonders
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