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 taking it personally

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PostSubject: taking it personally   taking it personally EmptySat Nov 19, 2016 9:32 pm

I'm just saying what I feel.

I don't understand why taking it personally is understood as wrongly thinking others are pointing fingers when I don't react as the sharer expected.

I read the Bible and I take it personally.
Whenever it says about sinners I take it personally and I examine whether I'm the sinner the bible is referring to. I defend myself before God if I'm misunderstood (not misunderstood by God but rather by man).
I see taking it personally as both admitting one's wrong doing (can one not see my admission of wrong doing?) and defending when one is misunderstood (am I not misunderstood one way or the other?)

I don't like to speak as if I personally am not responsible.
Likewise I don't like to listen as if the speaker is not personally responsible.

Sharing bible verses and what others have to say is good when
a. they personally affected the person who shares - and only if that person shares how he/she is affected in the first place.
b. that person has a message to convey - and only if that person conveys the message in the first place.

I'm not saying a person sharing bible verses and what others have to say without any personal input is bad. It just leaves rooms for others to misunderstand.

When I say someone believes something incorrectly, I don't mean they have followed the wrong god but I do mean they have believed incorrectly and I give my understanding based on the bible. It should be every believer's duty and I expect the same from others.

One thing I must say, and is not easy to say is, to do something in private and not forcing others to do same on uncertain things does not make the uncertain certain. All should be opened for discussion in the faith especially on things we see differently - what the video M shared is about.
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taking it personally
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