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 What exactly is prayer, and, thanksgiving for that matter?

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PostSubject: What exactly is prayer, and, thanksgiving for that matter?   Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:42 pm

Perhaps it's just me but I always find it awkward when it comes to prayers and thanksgivings.

Perhaps I'd be considered judgmental if I say whenever we pray together it's like a chore no one is willing to undertake but I hate to see the fish got cold last time we waited and waited.

What? It's well over 3 years since the last somewhat enthusiastic participation before the hot pot lunch at Dannie's. I was told that we need time.

is the Father really that hard to know and after all these years He becomes even more a stranger?

Or is it because we have become strangers to each other in the group? Or you have no problem praying but you just have problem praying together with me?

Or prayer is a private matter and is nobody's business?

I miss fellowship. I really do.
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What exactly is prayer, and, thanksgiving for that matter?
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