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 What is Macabees?

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What is Macabees? Empty
PostSubject: What is Macabees?   What is Macabees? EmptyTue Dec 01, 2009 2:43 pm

What is Macabees?
It's one of the Apocryphal books.
What's Apocrypha?
It means hidden. When applying to the Bible it means "not inspired". In layman terms, it means not belonging to the Bible. i.e. not God's words. It's in Roman Catholics bible but not in Protestants bibles.
Why Macabees the topic?
The missing link of many mysteries such as

Hanukkah - the festival of lights, the feast of the Dedication celebrated by very many Jews and in the Bible John 10:22-23. Did Jesus celebrate it? I don't know. Christians don't.

The prophecies in the book of Daniel - the seventy sevens.

Those who have eyes, let them search on the internet.
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What is Macabees?
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